Premium crop cultivation, made affordable

Our AI solution provides cost-effective custom pesticide & fertiliser strategies for premium-quality crops in horticulture and viticulture, supporting organic cultivation and minimising environmental impact.

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The benefits of our technology

Say goodbye to generic crop care strategies and expensive expert advice. Our state-of-the-art AI technology analyses the unique needs of each plant to generate personalised prescriptions for pesticide and fertiliser use. This boosts growth, improves crop quality, and cuts costs. Plus, we're environmentally friendly by reducing the use of unnecessary chemicals.

Personalised prescriptions

Our advanced system analyses the precise needs of every plant, ensuring that they receive tailored care for optimal growth and health.

Healthier crops at a lower cost

We ensure that plants receive only the nutrients they need, resulting in stronger, healthier crops.

Minimises environmental impact

By reducing the usage of unnecessary pesticides and fertilisers, our solution minimises environmental impact.

Simple personalised crop care process

Through our mobile and desktop platform, you can easily collect crop data, receive analysis, and apply our smart, personalised point-wise spraying strategies.

Step 1: Data collection

Farmers upload crop data via a user-friendly mobile and desktop application

Step 2: Analysis

Our in-house hybrid AI models analyse the data with high spatial and temporal precision as well as incorporate expert feedback and local context in their training process

Step 3: Prescription

We prescribe smart, personalised point-wise spraying strategies for pesticides and fertilisers adapted to the specific pest species and plant variety

Step 4: Application

Farmers apply pesticides and fertilisers in accordance with the personalised prescription to ensure cost-efficient access to organic, healthy and productive crops

Elevate your premium bloom production with sustainable efficiency

Improve your yield productivity and reduce costs with our personalised approach to pesticide and fertiliser use. Crops grown with quantifi are of the highest quality, ready to be used in high-value products such as premium wines, cosmetics and perfumes. Revolutionise your crop care game with quantifi.

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